28 year old woman in Carlisle healed of crippled left leg

She was on holiday in Corfu, Greece. She was on the back of a motor cycle when a car pulled out in front, the motor cycle went out of control and her left leg hit a concrete bollard at 50 mph. Her left foot was dismembered and left behind, and her knee was so broken that there was no bone above and below to fit a replacement knee. Her sciatic nerve was severed above the knee. Her leg was still very swollen and discoloured after seven years.

I began to pray, and the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her leg and it was shaking. l commanded the shock and trauma to come off her leg and I spoke a new knee, ankle, and nerve into being.

There was a lot of shaking and then her leg jerked and her knee began to bend, then her foot jerked and her ankle and foot began to move. She then stood up and began walking. l took her hand and we ran around the auditorium together. She was completely healed in Jesus name!

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