Five-year-old boy with deformed hip walks for first time

Five-year-old Marik from Poland came to a meeting in Legeneca, and during the ministry time he came out for prayer with his mother.

He was born with a serious deformity in his pelvis and part of the leg bone missing. He had only a few ligaments connecting his leg to his torso. There was no live nerve in his leg. I spoke new bones, ligaments and a nerve into being, and then commanded him to lift his leg in the name of Jesus.  Immediately, he lifted his leg violently three times, the first time with his knee almost hitting his chin because it came up with so much power! He looked up at me with his big brown eyes, not realising what had happened, while he rotated his new hip and leg like a new toy! His whole leg was alive and moving, but the muscles were still 80-90% wasted in his right leg with much the same wasting in the left leg. I lifted him up under his armpits and held him up because he had no balance, as he never had walked. All he had done up to now was to crawl with his legs dragging behind!

As I slowly walked him, the muscles in his legs grew visibly and his balance became very much improved. Then, when it was really good, he took his first step! In the next 10 minutes, he went from no ability to walk to running around!

He is now in the school football team scoring goals.

While I was in Legeneca in December, I gave him a football given by Phil Willer as a Christmas present.

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