Prostate and bladder trouble healed

I wish to tell of the Lord’s goodness and grace when He ministered to my body recently.

This year, particularly since my wife died, I had broken nights by going to the toilet every hour or so.

A friend in Plymouth sent me a leaflet telling me of healing meetings being held near St. Austell.

I went to this meeting on Friday 10th September. Previously, the doctor told me that my prostate was very enlarged. I am 75 years, and this was the cause of my painful toilet trouble.

Well I went out in the front when invited by Andrew, to be ministered to. I went down on the floor as he laid hands on me. When he prayed for me a mightily powerful force hit me, I crumpled, and my legs gave way.

I knew for certain that I was healed as I staggered to a chair and started laughing in the spirit for quite a while with a great sense of joy and peace.

I just praise my Father God that through his wonderful glorious Son, He met my need, as things are quite different now in my body, no pain in my bladder and prostate.

Hallelujah, I thank you Lord. May this testimony bring glory to his great and wonderful name, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ken from Cornwall