Lady born with Osteoporosis had 19 bits of metal in her body.

I was born with Osteoporosis and Effecte Genesis, and no-one can do anything for it, no pill or anything that can cure this. Over the years I have just about broken every bone in my body, including a broken back.

I went to a weekend where Andrew Pearkes was speaking, and on the Sunday morning, the presence of the Lord came in such power as Andrew prayed. I went over the back of the seats as the Lord just touched me in such a powerful way.

What I felt was amazing. The cracking, the popping, and the moving as my bones started to grow straight away. Within the week, the irritable bowel syndrome had completely healed and the migraines that I had suffered with for years had completely gone.

I had a crooked leg bent right around and that had completely gone straight and not only that my left arm, which was put together with three metal bars, because the arm was severed at the bone when I fell in front of a horse. In that same fall, my leg was smashed in and a metal plate put in with screws and bolts.

All the replacement joints in my body have dissolved - they are now bone!