Workshop Days, Teaching Days and Equipping Schools

This gives you some idea of the range of ministry days and schools that are available:

If your vision is to see your people move in prophecy, the word of knowledge, healing and deliverance, curses and blessings, working miracles, and fully embrace and enter the Kingdom of God, then there are two options offered - a three or four day school or several separate ministry days.


There are so many people who have been radically challenged and changed during these days or schools. Many are now moving in the power of the Holy Spirit and healing, especially the young people.


The ĎRealising your Destiny Dayí has led to many moving out into ministry and fully embracing their destiny. The teaching gives revelation and insight into how the dreams and visions that we have received, and what God has planted in our hearts. It shows why the words that have been prophesied over us need to be owned and embraced. Andrew clearly shows how the Holy Spirit desires us to dream, in order to see the promises come to life, to see every word fulfilled and then open up so that we walk into our destiny. Very exciting!


Below are the ministry days, courses and schools available:


Maranatha Ministries
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